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Electronic Timekeeping


What is Electronic Timekeeping?
Electronic Timekeeping is the process of tracking and reporting work and leave time using a software-based system. On campus, Electronic Timekeeping is being implemented to replace paper-based, legacy timekeeping systems and processes.

What is Kronos?
Kronos is a workforce management software and services company headquartered in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. At UC Santa Barbara, Kronos will be used to track employee time and attendance.

Why are we using Kronos rather than some other existing system?
The Payroll & Personnel Systems subcommittee of the Operational Effectiveness project conducted an in depth analysis of various systems and options and determined that Kronos would be the appropriate system to use. Kronos is already used on many parts of the UCSB campus and has been customized to handle the various union contracts, alternate schedules, and other needs of our campus. Kronos can be implemented now rather than waiting two or three years for a system-wide solution.

Why is the campus moving to an electronic timekeeping system?
The transition to Electronic Timekeeping is happening for a number of reasons. An online system results in savings in both staff time and effort by eliminating paper timecards and manual data input of leave information and hours worked into PPS. The move to Electronic Timekeeping will also help prepare the campus for the implementation of the new systemwide payroll/HRIS system, UCPath.

Does this mean everyone will have to clock in and out?
No. Your current method of time reporting does not change. Exempt employees will continue to only report vacation and sick leave taken. Non-exempt employees may either be asked to use a time clock or may continue to record time using their current process. The use of time clocks will be a departmental decision.

How does Electronic Timekeeping work?
Employees sign-on to the Electronic Timekeeping portal via the web and enter their time. Non-exempt employees enter hours worked, vacation and sick leave, and comp time accrued or used. Exempt employees enter vacation and sick leave time taken. Supervisors sign-on and approve the timecard on at least a monthly basis. The reported time and leave usage is automatically submitted to PPS.

Which academic employees will report time or vacation/sick leave usage in Kronos?
All academic employees in titles that are eligible to accrue and use vacation and/or sick leave will use Kronos. Reporting requirements are not changing. If an employee currently reports hours (readers, remedial tutors), they will continue to do so. If an employee currently reports only time other than regular time (vacation and/or sick leave), they will continue to report in this same way.