Creating a Community of Shared Knowledge, Values, and Vision 

Our intention is to share and discuss common, important topics relevant to all campus IT professionals by providing a one-day experience to establish a shared vocabulary, contemporary context, and hear from the participants, academic, and administrative executives.

We will begin with the Flipped Classroom Model, which allows staff to receive an introduction to the day's topics well in advance of IT Foundations in August. Not only does the Flipped Classroom Model save time, but it allows for a more interactive, immersive experience and everyone can learn at their own pace. 

Watch the Introduction video starring our own Doug Drury by clicking on the image below:

Introduction to IT Foundations video image

The next session will be held at The Club & Guest House, Betty Elings Wells Pavilion on:

  • August 28, 2019,
    • 9 a.m.-2 p.m.

Learning Outcomes of the Session:

  1. Understanding of the IT landscape at UCSB 
  2. Exposure to how we govern campus wide IT security, operations, and projects
  3. Understand UC Core competencies, performance management process, and how it fits into overall talent management strategy
  4. Exposure to Emotional Intelligence and unconscious bias
  5. Exposure to critical cloud, security, and UCSB terminology (shared vocabulary)
  6. Understand RASS (Reliable, Available, Serviceable, and Secure)
  7. Understand the attributes of a Cloud First, Mobile First world


We will publish the IT Foundations II agenda in the coming weeks. In the meantime, please watch the other Flipped Classroom modules, below. 

Shared Governance, starring Doug Drury:

Shared Governance video image click to watch

Emotional Intelligence, starring Laura Lee, HR Generalist

Emotional Intelligence video image click to watch

RASS, starring John Ajao, Associate CIO, Library

RASS video image click to watch

Information Security, starring Kip Bates, Associate Chief Information Security Officer

Information Security video image click to watch

Campus Cloud, starring Shea Lovan, Collaboration Architect and Senior Engineer

Campus Cloud video image click to watch

Lean Six Sigma, starring Tedi Tehrani, Management Services Officer, SIS&T

Lean Six Sigma video image click to watch