The purpose of the UCSB IT Professional Development Program is to build a community for the over 400 IT professionals on campus through mentorship and a curriculum to develop leadership, management and technical competencies.


1) UCSB IT Foundations: Creating a Community of Shared Knowledge, Values, and Vision 

Our intention is to start with common, important topics relevant to all campus IT professionals by providing a one-day experience to establish a shared vocabulary, contemporary context, and hear from the participants, academic and administrative executives.

The next session will be held at The Club, Betty Elings Conference Room, UCSB on:

  • August 23, 2017, 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m.

Learning Outcomes of the Session:

  1. Understanding of the IT landscape at UCSB
  2. Exposure to how we govern campus wide IT security, operations, and projects
  3. Understand UC Core competencies, performance management process, and how it fits into overall talent management strategy
  4. Exposure to critical cloud, security, and UCSB terminology (shared vocabulary)
  5. Understand RASS (Reliable, Available, Serviceable, and Secure)
  6. Understand the attributes of a Cloud First, Mobile First world


9:00 am - 11:30 am
Broadcast: Introduction (5 mins)
Broadcast: Overview of the IT Eco-System (30 mins)
Broadcast: Governance (15 mins)
Broadcast: Performance Management @ UCSB (30 mins)
Panel: UCSB Administrators and the Values of IT (30 mins)

11:45 am - 12:45 pm 
Lunch: IT Jeopardy (45 mins)

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Broadcast: Stories (IT and Research) (30 mins)
Broadcast: Reliable, Available, Serviceable, and Secure - RASS (30 mins)
What is a cloud first, mobile first world? (2 hours)

  • A Culture of Remote Work (Zoom)
  • Mobility Infrastructure for staff, students, and faculty
  • A Culture of Continuous Learning
  • Cloud Services and Appropriate Use (AWS, Azure, Box)
  • A Culture of Collaboration (Box, Connect)

Round Table: Participant Engagement (30 mins)
Call to Action: Next Steps and Expectations (15 mins)

2) Mentorship Program

The goals of the mentorship program are two-folds: 1) provide new IT professionals with a positive and productive on-boarding process by partnering them with seasoned IT professionals who can provide information and guidance to the campus during their first few months through casual meetings/social interactions through the IT Buddy program, and 2) provide IT professionals seeking career growth and general guidance by partnering them with experienced mentors who share similar interests and skill sets through the Mentor/Mentee program. More details of the program to be announced at the Foundations sessions.

3) Professional Development Curriculum

The goals of the curriculum provided in various formats are to develop IT leadership/mgmt. competencies as well as skills/knowledge in areas of IT disciplines (technology, processes). Specific topics to be covered will be determined by a planning committee and based on expressed interests from the UCSB IT community.

  1. IT Leadership/Mgmt Track
  2. IT Areas of Discipline


The development of this program has been collaborative from the conception of the idea and involves campus leaders committed to serving the growth and interests of the UCSB IT community.

John Ajao
Director, Library Systems & Repository Operations

Josh Andersen
Acting Director, Student Information Systems & Software Development
Student Information Systems & Technology

Melinda Crawford
Manager, Employment/Training & Development
Human Resources

Matt Hall (co-chair)
Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Technology / CIO
Office of the CIO

Richard Kip
Assistant Dean for Academic Technology
College of Letters & Science

Ben Price
Administrative and Residential IT (ARIT)

Rosalind Prizler
Exec. Asst. to the CIO
Enterprise Technology Services
Student Information Systems & Technology

Joe Sabado (co-chair)
Executive Director
Student Information Systems & Technology