Membership - May 2023

Josh Bright, Chair Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and CIO
Miles Ashlock Chief of Staff/Executive Director, Planning & Administration
Kerry Bierman Associate Vice Chancellor, Budget and Planning
Frank Brown Professor, Chemistry
Amber Budden Associate University Librarian Digital Strategies
Kelly Caylor Professor & Director, Earth Research Institute
Nestor Covarrubias Director, Parking Services
Mike Craig Business Manager, Materials
Robert Hamm Assistant Dean, Graduate Division
Jean Jones Associate Vice Chancellor, Research
Alan Liu Professor, English Department
Elise Meyer Director, IT Strategy & Academic/Research Support, Information Technology Services
Mike Miller Associate Vice Chancellor, Enrollment Services
Karen Myers Associate Professor, Department of Communication
Ben Price Associate CIO, Administrative Services
Andy Satomi Director, Academic Affairs Information Technology
Dorothy Satomi Director, Finance and Administration 
Christian Treitler Chief Financial Officer, UCSB Foundation
Joe Walther Professor, Department of Communication
Ashley Andersen, Ex-Officio Audit Director, Audit and Advisory Services
Shea Lovan, Ex-Officio Chief Technology Officer
Alex Parraga, Ex-Officio Chief Digital Officer
Joe Sabado, Ex-Officio Deputy CIO
Rosalind Prizler, Staff Support Executive Assistant to the CIO


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