The IT Strategy Development & Alignment initiative will establish a new UCSB IT Strategic Plan to ensure that campus technology investments are focused on the university’s highest priorities, and that the campus IT community, including the central IT organization, Information Technology Services (ITS), is aligned to these priorities and equipped to support UCSB’s future technology demands.

The 2019 UCSB IT Strategy set the direction for the campus IT vision and priorities. Since then, changes like the pandemic, integrating IT units, and evolving cyber threats have reshaped both UCSB and the technology landscape, prompting a reassessment of priorities and a strategy realignment. The ITS organization now manages broad responsibilities, providing diverse technology services for the entire campus. To ensure its success, the Office of the CIO will focus on the following over the next year:

  • Developing a new campus IT strategy
  • Aligning the campus IT community with the updated campus IT Strategy
  • Optimizing ITS operations
  • Strengthening the UCSB IT workforce to achieve campus technology goals

Workstream Image

For a deeper dive into the workstreams that make up this initiative, click here.

Collaborating with consulting firms MOR Associates and Next Generation Leadership Partners, this initiative aims to redefine the campus technology strategy, lay the groundwork for future growth, nurture a culture of excellence and innovation, and pave the way for continuous improvement of campus IT services.